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Lepidoptera of Venezuela (LoVe) is a systematic database of Lepidoptera. It aims to gather information on the taxonomy, nomenclature, bibliography, geographic distribution and host plants of these insects.

The objective is to gather and organize the knowledge on Lepidoptera for Venezuela, and to allow any interested person to easily access this information.

This database is actively under development. At present, for butterflies it is based on:

  • Andrew Neild's books (1996, 2008), where used as a foundational base.
  • Butterflies of America site (BOA), provided many records although the information has not been updated recently.
  • Garwood and Jaramillo's Checklist provided updated names and many new entries, nevertheless it is used with caution because we detected some errors in species distributions.
  • Moths are based on Markku Savela's "Lepidoptera and some other life forms" website with modifications based on the latest available publications.

Much work still has to be done, specially with moths. The lists of nocturnal Lepidoptera on this site are just the beginning of a very long work that lies ahead.